Lead Roof Outlets feed

We have worked with numerous flat roof companies, supplying sheet Lead Roof Outlets to suit their needs.  These range from size of pipe, length of pipe and covering on flat etc. We have found that the flat roof outlets with long outlet pipe are popular when re-felting existing roofs, as they allow the pipe to be pushed down into existing rainwater pipe spigot with out the need to cut away soffit, ceiling boards etc to extend or form joints. Measurements are external spigot size. Spigot length on these products is 350mm to allow for on site trimming.

If you can't see the size of the Lead Roof Outlet you require please click here to contact us with your requirements and we will quickly get back to you with a bespoke solution to your needs.

Lead Roof Outlet 100mm Product Details
Lead Roof Outlet 50mm Product Details
Lead Roof Outlet 75mm Product Details