Lead Window Trays feed

It is necessary to fit Lead Window Trays to windows fitted into stud work type construction. Where the cladding is slate, tile, shiplap board, plastic, etc. EG. dormers. The purpose is to weather the timber construction and cover the cladding fixings (nails).

Window trays are formed so as the sheet lead turns up on the inside of the window and at corner posts before turning down over cladding. Designed to stop window leaking into the building structure. The outside turn down is in some cases cut to form patterns that enhance the building.

Just Lead supply window trays to fit any window opening and are delivered in pairs (R/H & L/H). When fitting, each end of the tray must lap on joints by a minimum of 100 mm more if severe exposure. This information can be verified via Lead Sheet Association publication “Rolled Lead Sheet The Complete Manual”.

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