Lead Hip Soakers feed

Formed in our workshop from code 3 sheet lead and sold in packs of 10. Greatly reducing the on site labour cost associated with this item.  Cut and folded from code 3 sheet lead giving 100mm cover either side of hip for 35° pitch and above.

150mm cover is required on hips with a lower degree than 35. The length required can be calculated by adding the lap and gauge on the diagonal plus 25 mm for fixing (e.g. 110 mm + 165 mm + 25 mm equals =300mm soaker length. If the length of soakers you need is not displayed E-mail us, we will quote by return.

If you can't see the size of the Pitched Lead Slate you require please click here to contact us with your requirements and we will quickly get back to you with a bespoke solution to your needs.