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Just Lead Traditional Roof Vents

Lead Roof VentsJust Lead roof vents provide a traditional look to any roof, a perfect partner to slate or tile.

Handmade in the U.K. they create an aesthetic method of air extraction/flow through any pitched roof.

Fan ducting and natural convection methods make them universal in terms of pitched roof covering and building ventilation.

The use of Just Lead classic British roof vents is guaranteed for a lifetime. Made of 100% sheet lead to BS EN 12588 they are easy to fit and dress to tile and slate undulations and provides the look of bespoke leadwork.

Carrying the same qualities as the use for pitched roofs they can also be fitted vertically, not only to hanging tile or slate but to stone walls where an extraction system is employed i.e. tumble dryers, bathrooms or kitchens.

Lead Roof VentsLead Roof VentsLead Roof Vents

100% recyclable, maintenance free vents at a reasonable price.

On ordering please state the external diameter of the lead spigot needed. (In most cases this refers to the internal diameter of the connecting item)

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Lead Slates for Flue Pipes

When fitting wood burning stoves and terminating flue pipe through the roof, lead slates are used to weather the transition. The pitch of roof and external pipe diameter are required in order to fabricate for the perfect fit. Lead Slates For Flue pipes

Deals on Lead Slates

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Any pitch from flat to upright made from 100% lead sheet code 4, the traditional material for roofing.

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Solar panel flashings

When installing solar panels it is often a requirement  to weather the flow and return pipes which attaches to the panels and then pass through the roof.  We have products to meet these needs, made from sheet lead and suitable for both tiled and slated roofs.


Sheet lead roof to a new extension to building

Flat roof in sheet lead. Designed to be in keeping with the character of the building, with a life expectancy of 100years plus.

 Flat Roof From Sheet Lead


Semi circular lead roof

Semi circular flat roof covered in sheet lead. 





Finial From Sheet Lead

Designed to weather uppermost point of roof and add character. Made from sheet lead.

Finial from sheet lead



Lead roof to angled bay window

   Pitched Lead  Roof

Lead  roof to a bay window,  using code 5 sheet lead and welted method with hidden clips, the welts allow for the expansion and contraction which give longevity by reducing metal fatigue associated with heating and cooling of metal roofing..



Porch Roof In sheet Lead

Porch Roof In sheet Lead   8th October 2009


Using wood core roll to form expansion joints, code 5 sheet lead to cover roof and code 4 sheet lead for the cover flashing, pointed in to the wall. With the longevity associated with lead sheet, a 100 years or more can be achieved when fitted to codes of good practice.

This traditional method of flat roof covering, adds character to the newly formed porch and looks a part of the building, rather than an addition.




Barrel Roof in Sheet Lead

1st October 2009 - Weathered a barreled roof dormer today.  

The roof was constructed using plywood laminated in thin sheet to achieve the shaped curved on timber supports.  Code 5 sheet lead was used to cover the barrel dormer and welted with hidden clips to secure to substrate.  The reason for welted joint is to allow expansion and contraction of the sheet lead with out causing the metal to stress, as would be the case if fitted in one piece.

Lead Barrel Dormer


Lead Welding Demo video


Lead Welding / Lead Burning

Lead Welding / Lead Burning

We are producing a video aim at training individuals in the skill of welding lead sheet, it will include flat welding, inclined and upright methods along with support information on the whys and why not associated with lead work.

In an effort to estimate the need for such a film, interested parties are invited to email us, so that on release of the film they can be contacted and made aware of publication.


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Lead Roof Vents

Lead Roof Vents

Just Lead classic sheet lead British roof vents are guaranteed for a lifetime and provide the traditional look of bespoke leadwork. To get further information on our range of lead roof vents Click Here >>

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